Volcano Feedback

I m very disappointment about this new scenario it is just a small circuit and not a map as watopia with different type of course (flat, Hilly or mountain), I hope you will do better for the future because the maps is the key for the success of the game and not only the social ride.

My disappointment for Volcano is because at now its just a different scenario/terrain and it does not provide for different types of course as Watopia Hilly, Mountain, Flat because the circuit is the same also is too much short. This mean that it is a new route only much more like a game than a full virtual cycling experience.

The purpose of my criticism is only costructive, RIDE ON!

I’m all for adding mileage and interesting terrain, but found the new Volcano section very uninteresting. The community would have been better served with a long loop of rolling terrain and lush greenery.

Dusty dirt road, broken pavement, glass tubes and a volcano tour are not what makes me want to ride.

Thanks for the effort! Hoping for something very natural and less gimmicky next time. 

Really like Zwift.

But Volcano was not was i expected - just a flat Loop, nothing more.

Back to the Basics and try to fix the Passing or Sticking to Rider Problem. Yesterday I (riding with 2W/k) glued Riders  riding with 3W/K and more a several times…

It’s different can’t give is a full thumbs up, different scenery is all I can tell. 

As  Old Geezer  said, long loop with rolling terrain,

Updating my Volcano section feedback,

The New Volcano climb has greatly improved my opinion of the Volcano section.

The climb is a nice addition for quick rides or hill repeats. The rotating view of Watopia is very interesting. 

I’m not a fan of the mundane and unstimulating roadway, but it does occasionally have a few green ferns.The addition of a few colorful flowers might turn it from depressing to interesting.

I keep hoping the Zwift team is working on the development of the rest of Naunonga island. The Mountian Pass and Tower just skirt the edge. Plenty more real great terrain to be developed without resorting to fictitious land fill like the volcano. Please.