Computrainer + Zwift + MAC

I’m just hooking up a Computrainer, was going to use some of the Racermate programs, but due to the fact that I don’t have Windows, it doesn’t look like it will be possible without installing one of the programs like Bootcamp or Parallel.

Is it possible to run the Computrainer through Zwift on my macbook pro without having to install one of the Windows programs?

Hi Justin,

Yup. Zwift does not need any of the Racermate programs to run properly. It will run perfectly fine on a Mac!

Here’s a handy-dandy guide on getting your Computrainer up-and-running:–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

For what it’s worth - I found setting up Zwift with my Computrainer on my Mac a breeze.  It took minutes whereas with my PC and Racermate software took me nearly an hour.  (Though Zwift with the CT on a PC was similarly easy). 

You do have to do the regular calibrations with the Computrainer though. Make sure you follow their instructions to do so.  You can do it without Racer Mate software.  Do an easy spin around the island for 10 minutes, then do the calibration, then ride on.  

I found that my calibration on my unit drifted enough from week to week that I thought something was wrong with Zwift or that I was getting really weak.  If you can get your rolling resistance number in calibration between 2.5 and 3, you’ll be pretty realistic in Zwift.  

For best results and more of a real road ride feel, the lower your calibration number the better. Just make sure the rear wheel is not slipping. Pushing to 400 watts at a calibration setting of 1.6 ish works for me. If I am going to ride easier I apply even less pressure to the rear wheel then get a lower setting like 1.2 and still have no wheel slip. Again, the lower the number the better things feel. The default 2.0 calibration computrainer uses is by no means the standard or best to use. This is stated all the time in their manuals and forum. Whatever setting you use their unit will do the adjustments necessary to give you the correct power output.

FYI: in the winter I need a higher setting due less heat at the tire and the opposite in the summer. KInd of like what happens when you warm up for the calibration and see the number get lower as the tire warms up.

Can any computer singer users fill me in on the driver situation? I’ve used my MacBook with the computerized flawlessly for some time up until a few weeks ago. I factory reset my Mac and now can’t connect. Have no idea what I did re drivers in my initial setup over 18mths ago.

Hi JT,

Links to drivers and some more information is located here on our website:–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

Hope this helps!