Completely remove Zwift from Windows


For some reason Zwift cannot find my Elite Sterzo Smart anymore so I want to completely remove Zwift and then reinstall Zwift. I removed Zwift just like Zwift recommends it:

  1. Uninstall Zwift through the Control Panel.
  2. Delete these folders:
  • Program Files (x86)\Zwift
  • Downloads\Zwift
  • Documents\Zwift

By the way, in my Downloads folder there is no Zwift folder to delete.

After I restarted my computer I reinstalled Zwift and without a possibility to enter my email and password, my user account is still available. This makes me think Zwift was not removed completely.

And there is nothing wrong with the Elite Sterzo Smart because when I run Zwift on another laptop it finds the Elite Sterzo Smart directly and it is working smoothly.

Anyone got an idea how to remove Zwift completely?

I believe your credentials (token) are stored in a Edge browser cookie, but it should not affect the trainer detection. Maybe a problem with ANT or Bluetooth drivers?

Thank’s Cassio for the help. I will do another clean install of Windows 10 and then not connect Edge to any previous account. And then I will install Zwift. Will keep you updated.

Actually the Zwift launcher is a Edge WebView, once you login it stores an authentication token in a cookie. You can simply click the “change user” button to logout or delete the cookies (Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Support), you don’t need to reinstall Windows (although that might help to solve your problem if it’s driver related).

We used to call that “F-Disk, Format, Reinstall, doo-dah, doo-dah”
{to the tune of Camptown Races"}

I reinstalled Windows 10 and linked it to an old Microsoft account of me where no Zwift data is stored. All bluetooth drivers are up to date now.

At Zwift startup I got a logon screen where I could enter my email and password. So far so good. I first linked my Tacx, shutdown Zwift and started Zwift again and searched for my Elite Sterzo Smart but it was not found. I’m out of ideas so hopefully somebody has a solution.


This issue has been resolved. I removed all of my Bluetooth devices and restarted my laptop. After that the “Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator” was found which was not there the last couple of days.

Now Zwift can find my Elite Sterzo Smart again.

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