Complete Uninstall on PC

I am having a few problems with Zwift at the moment and wanted to COMPLETELY remove ALL its files from PC. After I uninstalled it I then went and deleted the Zwift file in Program Files folder but when I reinstalled Zwift it did not ask for my login details and all options (no music) had all been restored. So where are all these files stored as I want a complete delete and fresh install?

Did you use these steps:

The Logon info would be saved in your default browser.

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Hit the Windows key and type Internet Options. Clear the cache and cookies in there to delete the login info. Preferences are in your Documents folder.

Also download, install and run CCleaner to clear out the registry and any leftover files.

I would recommend not doing this.


OT but can I ask why? I have used for years and IT admins at work over the last several years advocate.

I am an IT Admin also and I don’t recommend CCleaner for any Windows OS.

MS also Recommends that you don’t use ANY Registry cleaner. If MS thought it was a good idea they would have purchase a company that created a registry cleaner and implemented it into Windows (that is how Defender made it’s way into Windows and many other programs and utilities).

Just search the web for reason not to use CCleaner.

Just say “no” to these type of programs.

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Registry cleaners are useless. In fact worse than useless - redundant stuff in the Registry doesn’t slow your system down (contrary to what the makers of cleaner software will tell you), and it’s more likely to cause problems than help anything.

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