Compatibility: Zwift Cog/Click with Wahoo Kickr?

Trying to determine if is the new Zwift Cog/Click is compatible with a Wahoo Kickr trainer, such that I could remove the cassette and cassette body from the Kickr and replace it with the Zwift Cog?

The freehub is not compatible at all. Currently there is no virtual shifting functionality in Zwift for the Kickr, although that could change. The freehub cannot work ever.

I’ve been wondering the same, but as Paul says it doesn’t seem possible right now. Would be so great having a fully stripped down indoor bike!

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If I am not wrong, the “Zwift Cog” uses a Shimano HG freehub body, that can be used on any trainer. Technically speaking, it should work. But Wahoo or Zwift or both have to do some tweaks in their software.

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Not at my Zwift Mac right now, but noticed a “virtual shifting” line in the config file a couple of versions back…

Might be worth looking into if you’re on Windows/MacOS and already have ordered a COG for a non compatible trainer :wink::blush:


Most freehub bodies are not interchangeable. They are HG on the outside, but proprietary on the inside where it interfaces with the hub or trainer. It should fit a Jetblack Volt trainer since they come from the same manufacturer.

But you don´t have to replace the freehub of your trainer. As long as the freehub is compatible with Shimano HG it should fit the Zwift Cog. What am I missing?

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OK I didn’t understand your comment - I was only talking about the freehub body itself. You could probably take it apart and install it on another freehub, or you could just buy a 3/32" single speed cog and a set of spacers for your freehub - you don’t need the Zwift product to do that.

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The hub is not attached like a cassette, it is the whole free hub, with the bearings and ratchet paws.

but you can use something like this:

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“Hub”? You mean “Cog”, right? And no the Cog is attached like a cassette.


Is zwift click without cog/freehub compatible with wahoo kickr?

Not at this time. But many of us are hopeful for future compatibility.

The part you’re missing is that Virtual Shifting is a feature exclusive to the Zwift Hub trainer. It’s driven by firmware on the trainer, and shift control hardware that right now hasn’t been adopted by other hardware manufacturers.

So you can buy a Zwift Cog, take it apart and it will physically slide onto some other trainer’s freehub body. But a single speed trainer is not that useful unless it’s capable of virtual shifting.


It was crystal clear for me, Shuji. But the question was, if the Zwift Cog can be mounted on a Wahoo Kickr. And yes, you can do this, but it is useless until Wahoo/Elite/Tacx/…/Zwift update the firmware/software to enable virtual shifting for non-Zwift trainers. And you need Zwift Click or Play hardware.

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Wish they do, but I am not holding my breath. I like the idea of the SS trainer as my bike shifts like crap on my Kickr and like butter when mounted back to the bike. “but it is useless until Wahoo/Elite/Tacx/…/Zwift update the firmware/software to enable virtual shifting for non-Zwift trainers. And you need Zwift Click or Play hardware.”

Slightly off-topic yet imho relevant, there is NO need to bother about Zwift Cog being compatible or anything alternative as a ‘single cog’ cassette replacement becoming available for our non-Zwift trainers to enable ‘Virtual Gears’ (VG)!

Since technically Zwift its advertised VG is like automatic ‘ERG’ mode, only manually controlled.

So if your trainer already supports ERG mode, all you need is a software- a/o hardware remote (like Zwift Click) to manually ‘change gears’. These virtual gears (e.g. 24 for Zwift Hub One) are simply produced by manually changing the magnetic :magnet: resistance of your already ERG compatible trainer.

Besides, if you can functionally do exactly the same like Zwift Click and its VG on any cog/ all cogs :gear: of your already existing installed cassette, this would - even better - distribute the wear over a multiple of cogs on the already installed cassette, versus any 1 cog setup. Especially more wear a/o a less smooth/ more noisy transmission if this 1 cog is a ‘universal’ one compatible with ‘all brands’, varying per brand-group compared to a possible single cog setup in the rear from the same brand.

(1) For this VG to work and have prolonged wear with any normal already installed cassette, you only need to change gear regularly in between rides to another cog of your cassette a/o front sprocket combo (via your bike its real(!) shifters and if you have more then 1 sprocket upfront), to evenly distribute natural wear.

(2) For this VG to work properly in-game, you probably need to tell Zwift via a new VG calibration option in Zwift Settings which rear cog a/o front sprocket you are Zwifting (e.g. 25T-50T).

Fazit: As @Jurgen_Grusdat and @shooj already confirmed compatibility-wise, we don’t need to bother about the need for additional ‘moving’ hardware, we functionally only need a VG compatible remote (physical a/o software only via e.g. Companion app), VG supporting firmware for our 3rd party trainers combined with in-game VG controls when Zwifting (i.e. [nurd-mode] for VG to work we effectively need VG supporting changes to: 3rd party trainer-firmware+ Zwift-API+ Zwift-drivers+ Zwift-Settings and in-game Zwift-GUI. [/]) Some of these are already available for generic use as well when Zwift Hub One was recently launched.

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If I have zwift hub with zwift cog can I still utilise my wahoo Kickr climb unit. I’m referring to front end attachment that rises and falls to mimic elevation
Thx and apologies if I’ve missed the answer already

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Yes, I tried it and it works. I borrowed my partner’s.

I wanted to get my own but it seems as though you can’t just buy the clicker, it comes as a package with the hub

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Coming back to this. Now the Kickr Core is being sold with one and the firmware for all Kickr Cores has now been upgraded, I assume we can now buy and retro-fit these to a Kickr Core?

The Zwift website still say Zwift Hub only but I can’t imagine why that would be. Website just out of date?

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According to GPlama it will work. Zwift Support claims it won’t, but I’m pretty sure it will.

Mine arrives tomorrow, so I’ll know for sure when it gets here. You’ll have to remove the cog from the freehub it ships with, and slide it onto the freehub on your KICKR Core currently.

GPlama made a Zwift Cog Teardown video if you search his YouTube channel.

Also, there’s a support article now on Wahoo’s website. It won’t let me post a link, but if you Google " Zwift Cog replacement - removal and installation" it should show up for you.

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