Compatibility: Zwift Cog/Click with Wahoo Kickr?

My review of the Kickr CORE Zwift ONE (let’s shorten that to CORE ONE) was done on a standard Kickr CORE with the Cog/Click upgrade kit. It’s compatible. It works. What’s not is the freehub they ship the Cog on… and that’s the official line they’re sticking with.

The Cog is only shipping on a freehub to make the installation easier (17mm wrench or 5mm hex), vs needing a chainwhip and lockring tool.

From a consumer perspective it would have been great to see a ‘Kickr CORE’ upgrade kit and a Click only offering on the same day they announced the CORE ONE.


Is the 1.85mm spacer needed with the Zwift cog?

Not required.

Hi Shane, I saw in one of your recent YouTube videos the hack for this. Can’t seem to find it now, so can you post which video this is in please?

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Awesome, thanks Shane! If you had to choose between the cog and click and the play controls is it easy to say which to go for? Controllers offer a lot more “play” and control (who would have thought it!?) along with virtual shifting, but not the single cog, which I guess offers versatility and just seems like a neater solution than leaving and old cassette on…