Companion won't connect?

I was able to ride today but companion wouldn’t connect. I added a new guest network and both the phone and the pc were connected to it. After the ride was done trying them both on the main network. Still no good.

I frankly don’t know how companion connects anyhow. I recall I just installed it and it worked. Now it doesn’t. How do I fix?

Hi Steve, all this can be a bit touchy and frustrating. Since both the device running Zwift and the companion app need to be on the same network what I would try is getting both devices next to each other and then Re-set your router. Just power cycle your router and when it comes back up both your devices should find and sync on the same network and SSID.

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If you have an iPhone, make sure that WiFi Assist is turned off on it. That switches to cellular data when the wifi signal is poor.