Companion no longer connects

Since the November update of Zwift the Compagnion app won’t connect wen I’m riding. New update december same problem. App is up to date and in the same network as Zwift. Both Apple product was working fine until November update.


First thing to try is restart your router and turn off mobile data on the phone.

There are some other common issues on our Support Hub. Please also read through that to see if some of the home networking issues might apply in your case.

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Did that no chance, Zwift runs perfect and stable. Internet working fine. App won’t connect :person_facepalming:t4::person_facepalming:t4:

Non of those problem apply here. Strange thing :person_shrugging:t4:

If your Companion app runs on an iOS16 device - you may be running into a known issue being discussed here. Join us over there, please.