Companion not working

(A Oosthuizen (C)) #1

So many issues with companion, where do I start.

a) Frequently the app would just ‘hang’ on the game screen. The app itself is responsive to the point where I can go to different screens via the menu but the progress in game mode just hangs. No matter what button I touch nothing happens. I even found that it stays like this for day even after restarting the tablet.

b) During workouts the information displayed is rarely, if ever the same as on the PC. But not just like in ahead or behind the curve. My last workout the companion instructed me to ride at 140W for 10 minutes while the PC started at 130W and gradually increased to 135W. 

c) During the last ride the companion just logged out and went back to the login screen. Well as we know there is no more ‘remember me’ so it is what it is or I have to stop and retype my password. 

d) Most of the times the controls becomes unresponsive during a session. I have never been able to stop a session using the stop button on the app, I just end it on the PC.

Android version 4.4.2

Restarted tablet multiple times.

Fixed WIFI SSID to ensure it remain in the chosen one which is the same as the PC.


(David K) #2

Would you mind checking your email inbox? I’d like to send you an email and collect your log files so we can see what’s happening between Zwift and Zwift Companion while you’re riding.