Companion dead again?

Hi All, just tried to ride a workout session on my Apple TV 4K and neither my iPad Pro or iPhone 12 mini would get to the workout screen. Both devices stayed on the Home Screen where I was able to see other’s activity ending and give ride ons.

Atv, phone and iPad are all fully updated and I turned off Wi-Fi etc and made sure the same network was linked with no change.

Anyone else having that today ?

But they need wifi to communicate, on the same network. Do you have a mesh network or wifi extender installed anywhere?

I should clarify there…. I turned Wi-Fi off and on and made sure the devices were on the same network.

Try rebooting your router. Your Zwift client device and Companion device can’t see each other on your network.

Hi @Mantis_Toboggan

It looks like you’ve been provided with some good suggestions from the community.

I’d also suggest that you check out the related article for troubleshooting this kind of issue.

The article contains some steps you’ve already tried, but very well may likely have other steps you haven’t tried yet.