Companion App Wifi or Data


A suggestion for the Zwift devs.
I understand the companion app needs to be on the same wifi than the apple tv, pc, etc when we want to connect our trainer, hr via the phone.

But when I don’t use the phone connection, why should I have to be on the same wifi.
I have a great wifi at home, but for some reason the companion app works for 5 mins after I restart my router, then it’s back off.
I find it very stupid because I would simply use it for my workouts and to see what happens around.

I wish it would be something that would be looked at because right now the companion app is useless during rides

You should look into why you are having problems. That seems to be the issue that needs sorting.

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I’ve read somewhere you need to restart your router.
Which I do each time but the game doesn’t want me to be in game… or it lets me be for 5 mins.

If anyone has any other ideas of things I can test out, lmk :slight_smile:

Depending on how much data you have on your phone’s plan, I sometimes connect my PC to phone’s hotspot and that works fine for me.

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You don’t need to continually reset your router. It’s probably losing connection to the game because your phone is switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data. They can all do this momentarily, even if the Wi-Fi signal is great. Disable it by turning off Smart Network Switch (or similarly named) on Android, or Wi-Fi Assist on iOS. Alternatively just disable mobile data during your ride.

Give that a try and see how you get on.


I think the problem should be from your phone switching wifi and data. Maybe you should totally disable wifi. Let see if that will work

I think you need to be on the same wifi because that is how the companion app connects to the ride that you are currently on … i.e. it connects to Zwift locally, on your own network, rather than via the Zwift servers (I haven’t looked into it, that just seems like the most obvious reason).

I have never had an issue with the Companion app in a ride, and rarely restart my router (in fact I genuinley can’t remember when I last did that). I would concur with the other posters that it sounds like your phone is switching between wifi and mobiloe data for some reason.