Companion App Timeline readings not accurate

My Activity Timeline statistics are wildly inaccurate. I’m sure my max. heart rate was more than 15bpm for the ride and max. cadence more than 10.
ALL my previous activity timeline stats are now also inaccurate whereas they were accurate before.

When I view my Followers Timelines, they are also inaccurate.

I have the latest version of the Companion app on Android. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Companion app and still inaccurate.

Timeline stats on my ios are accurate.

How do I fix my Companion app Timelines?

Thought I had too many beers after my ride last night … but still there (android)

Cleared cache/data but no change. Its clipping the last digit off the Max numbers (my cadence is screwed on other rides). I tried adjusting the default Android font size but no change.

That’s quite a range.

Looks like the last character is being cut off in some cases.

Yep same issue with companion app running on my Samsung phone, but is fine on my ipad

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Yep same issue with companion app running on my Samsung phone, but is fine on my ipad


Same issue here. The timeline stats are incorrect even if I view my friends’ stats. However, when I check my stats on my wife’s iPhone it shows correctly. It seems like the issue is with Android phones. I have Companion installed on two Android phones and same issue on both

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Yes fine for me too on MacBook but not on my Samsung Companion. But it’s all my Followers too that are incorrect on my Samsung Companion App. Strange very strange indeed.

I’ll raise the issue with Zwift support. Perhaps it was the last update that changed things

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Interesting. I’m on Android 11 and I’m not seeing this issue. What version are you running if you’re seeing the problem?

There are lots of other potential variables of course, but let’s start with the major Android release version.



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So, is this perhaps an issue specific to Android 12?

Nope, I’m on 11.

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Hi everyone,

Are you all using Android?

All fine on iOS?

Ok, so it’s not just the Android version.

I’m on a OnePlus Nord 2, on Android 11, on the latest Companion version and I’m not seeing this issue.

I’m using Android 12 and not seeing this.

Yup, no issues in iOS (at least with Companion language set as English).

I’ve just updated to the latest version of the app and it’s now happening to me too.

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Probably related to trying to address these acknowledged issues.


I’m on Android Version 10. No other updates available for me. I’ve raised a support ticket with Zwift and liaising with them right now.

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James what did you update? Zwift or Zwift Companion and on what device?