App stuck on two digits - incorrect data

hi. my app’s been showing incorrect summaries (power, cadence, hr). all just double digits! i know i’m a bit out of form but it cant be that bad! looks like it truncates the number…not sure.

it’s like that when i look at other people’s numbers.

it’s not just that summary, carries through to the next slides as well (power distribution, HR distribution)

i’ve been waiting on an app update. just wondering if it’s just me or this is the same for others.

It’s truncating the number strings for some reason. This seems to have been happening, progressively on certain versions of Android for a while. There’s one example thread with recent posts showing something similar appearing in the latest posts:

For what it’s worth, I can see your stats correctly in Companion in iOS (for now).

But lots of changes seem to be occurring in the background, not always coinciding with app updates, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

See Companion App Timeline readings not accurate

cool. so it is happening to a few. thanks!