Companion App screenshot


(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #1

My companion App photo today did not capture the full screen image. It missed off the “key performance” indicators re riders nearby, distance watts etc. It just had photo of the route. Also at end of the ride, the ride summary stats HR power route etc. It worked fine 3 days ago.

Can you help.


(Vincent) #2

Hey Stephen, we’re aware of this issue and it is being patched very soon. Thank you for the heads up!

(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #3

Thanks Vincent😀

(Vincent) #4

Hey @Stephen_Whiston_Mid this should be patched. Let us know if the issue still occurs!

(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #5

Alas Vincent not working my ride this morning still not picking up info from companion app see attached photo.

I also noted this morning the rolling graph at the bottom of the screen showing heart rate effort is also missing on the live display

I took a photo manually of what’s on the live display and I attached that as well.

Hope you can sort it soon as I use these screenshots for reports on training rides

Thanks Stephen

(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #6

1544075899813 - this is the photo from the companion App - i am the leader yellow beacon

(David) #7

Problem also with the camera companion yesterday, photos taken during and at the end of session with the statistics, I heard the sound when shooting but nothing was on the android tablet.

(Matt Dye) #8

Companion app photos also aren’t saving to my MacBook. I was thinking I had changed something to keep them from uploading but it seems they aren’t saved at all.

(Stephen Whiston Mid Argyll Tri (INC)) #9

Anyone else got any info on solving this - no further update from Zwift - it is really frustrating