Companion app- phone screen keeps shutting off during ride

I just did the latest Android update this morning.

My last ride was a couple of days ago and it was fine. Now my phone go’s to sleep every minute like i was in a normal app.

Is there any fix or do i need to wait for a bug fix?

Hello @Tyler_Bickel welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The Zwift Companion app (aka “ZC”) should keep your smartphone from shutting off its screen as long as the Companion app is in game mode while you’re riding. Do you remember if ZC was showing you a map of the world you were riding in? If not - you weren’t in game mode.

I looked at your server logs and on your ride March 27 - I’m not seeing evidence that ZC was in game mode as it was on March 25 and in other rides before then.

To clarify - are you talking about an Android OS update? Or are you saying you updated the Companion app for Android? I’m assuming you patched the OS.

When you update an OS, you may have to check that Locations permissions are enabled for the Companion app. Without it, the app does not have access to the radio chipsets that enable wireless communicaitons over Bluetooth and WiFi. See this support article for other issues when Companion is not working as it should.

Also - make sure that your phone isn’t cutting over to cell data. It must stay on the same WiFi network as the computer running the main Zwift app. Other things like VPN’s running on either the phone or the laptop are common causes for ZC not “seeing” the main Zwift app.

Yes, I was in game mode. The map was visible.

The screen would shut off but the app was still running. I usually hit the screen pretty quickly.

I did set my screen to time out after 10 minutes. That helped alot.

The Location permission was disabled. I turned it back on.

It was an OS update currently on Android 14. I was forced to update.

Hi @Tyler_Bickel. Thanks for following the steps suggested, well done. I’m Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you share your results.

This unexpected behavior leads me to ask you: are you using a power-saving mode? Sometimes, It can make your phone run slower, dimmer, and less responsive. It can also limit some features and apps. If so, please let’s try running ZC outside of this mode.

It worked like normal tonight! So that setting must have been disabled during that update.

Thank you guys for the support.

Tyler Bickel
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