Companion app not linking to ride

my companion app wont link to the ride since the update to allow messaging , maps and fence controls which is a issue if leading rides, it was ok before i updated zwift and companion app to the latest versions , is there a known issue?

Hi @Dave.T

The most common reason is that the phone running the Companion app can’t “see” the computer running the main app because they’re not on the same WiFi network.

There’s multiple reasons why they’re not on the same WiFi network. See this article for the most common causes.

If you’re using Companion on an iPhone - check your OS setting for Apple WFii Assist and try disabling it. That will keep your phone connected to the internet via WiFi instead of cutting over to cell data.

While you’re at it - reboot your WiFi router and cable modem to reset your internal network.

All sorted Thankyou
Regards Dave