Companion App not going to group ride

When I have logged in to Zwift and then gone to my meet up event and started riding with the group I am meeting up with. My Companion App is not switching over to this event so I can not interact with the group. This has now happened 3-4 times in the last week. What I do see is the standard app as you would when you first open it, Zwifters, events, activities, etc…

Anyone else experiencing this bug?

That happen if your zwift app and the companion app are not on the same WiFi network.

Turn airplane mode on on your phone then only turn on wifi.

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OK great I will give this a try. I believe I was connected to my home WIFI on both my lap top and phone. But switching Airplane mode on would definitely determine this.


Gerrie I was doing a race this morning and the App wouldn’t work. So i tried your suggestion and this didn’t work either. ZWIFT needs to fix please!