Companion-App | No progress bar on different devices

Hello Together,

I have a Problem with the progress bar in the Companion-App. My wife and I are using different iPhones. We also have a iPad. All three devices are up to date with the latest firmware. On both iPhones there is no progress bar for example the actual Tri-Academy or the Tou of Makuri. If I go in the Companion-App on the iPad, I can see both progress bars. A switch to the account of my wife also works fine. But both iPhones doesn‘t show the progress bar. It seems that the progress bars are assigned to the first device, wich the account was looged in first. Does anyone also have this behavior?


I see the same progress bars on all devices. You might try force-quitting the ZC app on all devices and see if that corrects the issue.

I deinstalled ZC-App on the iPhone and on the iPad. Then I only installed it on the iPhone. The progressbar does not appear on the iPhone. After that i installed ZC-App on the iPad and everything was like bevor. Only on the iPad i can see the progressbar. I don`t get it.

What iPhone do you have? Perhaps it is not running the latest iOS and, therefore, cannot run the latest version of ZC. I don’t mean ‘doesn’t have the latest version the phone can run’ but ‘the latest actual version’. If you iPhone is old enough it might not be able to get the latest version, even if it is as up-to-date as it can be.

My wife has got an iPhone 12, I got an iPhone 12 mini and an iPad Pro (2017). All 3 devices are running latest firmware 16.1.1. So there ist no “realy” old device I think. What I have noticed is, after deinstalling and installing ZC-App again the preferences are already set like Strava or FITBIT connection. So the Informations are not stored on the phones or the tablet. But i have no idea what to do to get it run.

No one has a similar problem?