Route Progress data bot showing in HHUD

Route Progess bar in the HUD is not visible today. Was there the other day but missing today checked 2 worlds and 2 different riders, same disappearing feature.

Same for me. Anyone know how to fix this?

me too
Is it working now?

Seems to be working perfectly right now.
I’ve tested on Watopia, NYC and Makuri

not working at all for me it’s just gone :frowning:

Glad I’m not the only one with that problem. Progress bar not showing since yesterday. I’m on a MacBook.

Watopia, beach island loop, no progress bar

just got working again. I know that Zwift is hit and miss all the time but my Companion app was fighting my pc for bluetooth connectivity. turned off bluetooth on my phone and other devices that I use swift on in my house (mac) now the progress bar works! strange :frowning: I fired up swift again on my mac and the progress bar was also working (it seems strange that Zwift doesn’t need to be running on other devices but some how bluetooth still wants to interact or interrupt the system your running it on.
i guess just don’t run on multiple systems like me?

update: just ran some test on bluetooth didn’t get the same results as stated above now I’m just embarrassing myself
Tacx flux S
Tacx flow
1 pc
2 mac’s

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I just started up Zwift, didn’t pair any sensors, and the route progress bar was back. Looks like they may have fixed the server issues this morning? I wonder if the pack dynamics were also fixed on London, Makuri and Yorkshire?