Companion app freeze & app crash

comanion app 3,34, samsung s10, android 12:
companion app randomly freeze, the map you cant¨t give ride on with arrow in map or take photo had several app crashes too 27th of april.

same with version 3.35 april 28th
map freeze, when using x in map to recenter map, nothing happens.

last ride this week in also the map freeze for some time, photo does not work then works suddenly 20-30 seconds delayed. could not use the bottom list to scroll sideways

i have good wifi connection and nerver any issues in logs, when i use zwiftalaiaser.
will stop to use the app


I’ve not had any issues with the companion app, running latest version on Android 12


Hi @Anders_Grund, random freezing can be pretty hard to troubleshoot over the forums if you haven’t found any sort of pattern to when they happen. I’d recommend reaching out to our support for one on one where we can take a closer look at what might be causing these issues

ok, thanks. i will contact support.
Happens every time, yesterday short ride in Flatland loop.freeze for about a minute after about 9 km riding.

I’ve been exeriencing the same issues for over a month now and I’m getting sick of it. The app becomes unresponsive, “game” page disappears mid-ride or freezes/goes blank, power number freezes, map stops scrolling, ability to use app game buttons stops, etc. S10e on android, but I never had a problem until i started using again recently ( since february maybe).

Always requires restart, which is problematic when in the middle of high-intensity rides… Not much of a companion much of the time.

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