Companion App - Map stuttering

After solving my HR-Connection problem, I’ve got a new one:

While using the Companion App, either on Smartphone (Galaxy S10+) or Tablet (Galaxy A7), the mini map stutters.
It’s always: aprox. one second working, then freezing for aprox. one second, than working for aprox. one second again, and so on.
While in frozen state, I still can use the buttons or give ride-ons.
This occurs now for some days.
The app has the newest version (possible issue?).
I force stopped the app, cleared the cache and also uninstalled it. Nothing helped.
Any ideas?

To call this topic back to mind…
The above described issue is still existing.Numerous attempts of un- and reinstalling didn’t show any sign of improvement.
The mapscreen still stops every second for about a second and then jumps forward this second.
Really no ideas?

I’d expect this to be a wifi issue with the device that you are using ZCA on not communicating consistently with the device you are running Zwift on.


Yeah i agree with @James_Zwift, I’m also on android, samsung galaxy S21 ultra and don’t have this issue at all.


Would seem plausible, but I tested my WLAN-Connectionspeed with my android:

Download-Speed: 102,8 Mbit/s
Upload-Speed: 34,5 Mbit/s
Ping: 22

These values seem ok to me.
Especially all other Apps are running smoothly on my Galaxy S10+.
I’m able to watch YT with Full HD and there are no stutters.