Companion app doesn't connect to Zwift app

Hello all.
How can I make my iPhone, Companion App, my main controller instead of the Apple TV remote control?

Hi @L_Pinkivy welcome to Zwift forums.

You might want to use the Apple TV keyboard app on your iPhone. Previous discussion about that on this thread.

Bear in mind that the Apple TV still has a hard limit of three Bluetooth signals that it can pair to at a time. If your Zwifting hardware broadcasts more than two (power, controllable, cadence, heart rate, etc), use the Zwift Companion app to pair all these things.

What do you want do with the ATV remote that is so frustrating you want to use ZCA? There are already a number of duplicated functions.

You should be able to drag down from the top right corner of your phone screen, pulling down a window that has a ATV remote symbol. tap that and choose your ATV. I think all iPhones come stock with the remote these days. you can use your Apple Watch to control the ATV, too.

Thank YOU for the article!!!
The problem was: 1. I had my Apple TV on one internet and 2. My Companion App on a different internet :blush:.
I had been fighting this problem for 3 weeks. What a simple solution.

Much Appreciative!

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