Companion App - Cannot see current ride

For some reason I am unable to get to my current activity in the companion, which means I cannot give out group likes, see the map or the current metrics. It essentially makes the app redundant.
It started recently and I don’t know if it’s an issue with the app or with my setup. For my part the only thing I have changed is I bought a Garmin Fenix 6S Pro watch. I don’t know how that would change things. Has anyone else had issues with Companion not switching to current activity?

I’m using Zwift on an iPad Pro (latest O/S and Game install)
I have the companion app on my Android Phone (S9+) (but I did fire it up on the ipad too to test it)
Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Watch
Wattbike + Wattbike HRM

The main reason for this would be that you’re not connected to the same network as the device running Zwift.

Does your iPad use wireless assist or something similar?


Ahh - yeah my house operates on a repeater mesh but I restarted that the other day. So the iPad (I just checked) defaulted back to the ISP router. I will check if that fixed it later.

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Hi @Alex_H1404

Sounds like the ZC app is stuck on the HOME screen and not going into GAME mode. James is correct and this may be an issue with your Wi-Fi mesh network.

That said, we have some related troubleshooting tips in our ZC connection issues article as well. Check it out and I hope it helps!

Mesh systems often create their own network, so whilst it may seem like each device is on the same wi-fi as required (and individually perform just fine for normal internet use), it can prevent the Companion app and game communicating with one another. You’d need to check the mesh settings to see if this behaviour can be disabled.

It was the case that the wifi the Zwift App running iPad was incorrect (as in it had failed over and I needed to fail back)

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