Companion profile - no longer shows me ‘riding now’

My companion app no longer seems to fully sync with Zwift, it does connect and displays the map and dashboard tabs with my stats (and the workout tab if I’m actually doing a structured workout) but on my profile page it never shows me riding anymore and “riding now” doesn’t show, with the watts and speed etc. If I click on my ZC profile while I’m actually riding it looks like I’m not riding. This seemed to happen a couple of updates ago, and I have done all the recent IOS updates on both Zwift and ZC on both devices. I use iPhones to run both programs. Not really a big issue but wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Thanks :slight_smile:

When U are in the middle of the route sometimes I don’t have the map either you just need to click Home or restart Companion (also have an iPhone) hope it works :grin:

hello just tell me does it work