No longer shows “Zwifted with” [April 2023] [SOLVED]

Hi. Since 8th of April my activity on companion app does not show “zwifted With” riders. Is this completely removed, am I the only one having issue or known bug?


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My 5 rides since April 8 all have the nearby list. I’m using Companion 3.45.0 (1423) on an iPhone XR running iOS 16.4.1.

Still showing for me.

Okay… I just uninstalled and reinstalled on my iPhone 12 pro. ( iOS 16.4.1). Lets see how it goes after the ride. One thing I noticed…. the comparison app is so responsive after the reinstall.

Nop. Reinstall has no effect.

I think this only shows up on free rides.


Shows up on all my rides. Free. Pace partner. Groups.

I noticed the “Zwifted with” stopped on April 15th. Did something change that requires a particular setting to have the “Zwifted with” riders show up?

You too Andy…!! Thank God it’s not just me then.
Mine stopped after April 6th.

Mine stopped showing around 4/15

Mine stopped April 21.

Definitely something up. I’ll ask the team to have a look.


Yep. Finally happened to me too. My ride today shows no “Zwifted with” riders.

The companion app no longer displays the users I rode with on my completed activities.

Mine stopped working on April 13th.

Hey everyone - thanks for flagging this up to our attention. We’ve verified this bug and are working on fixing it. Stay tuned to this thread for progress reports.


Hey everyone - Zwift 1.39 released today, and fixes this bug. Please update at your earliest convenience.