Zwift Companion Release, January 8 (3.0.3 iOS, Android)

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters! We released the new Zwift Companion app (ZC) 3.0.3 update for iOS and Android.
Here’s the official release notes:

• Fixes an issue that would keep re-enabling the individual push notification settings.
• Minor changes to Profile screen to resolve localization issues.
• Other bug fixes and improvements.

Bug fixes and improvements

(Mike Rowe) #2

Was this update released on January 8th or December 8th?

(Vincent W.) #3

Typo! Updated thanks :slight_smile:

(Allen Day ) #4

Not to be overly uptight, but is there any clarification on “Bug fixes and improvements”? For me Zwift and the Android companion have a good number of bugs and annoyances. Like most users, I only search out help for the ones that significantly hinder functionality. I look at the known issues lists, I look in the forums, when I see an issue to save resources if an issue is known. But with a generic “Bug fixes and improvements” we have no idea what is supposed to be fixed or working better. How can we give feedback or see if they are fixed.

(Rob Case) #5

Already found a new bug. Go view one of your activities, then go back to the activities window and click on another activity. Do this a few times and you wil notice your ride stats font slowly decreases to nothing.

(Markus Nübel [R2]) #6

Screenshot issue fixed? Do we get HUD Infos like ride reports etc. again?

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst Team AHDR (C)) #7

When I updated to ZC version 3 (on Android 6.0.1 on Galaxy S5) I no longer saw active riders in my activity feed, only riders who had logged off. This is still broken in 3.0.3. I logged a support ticket two days ago, but have just been advised that the support person cannot recreate the issue. This has been mentioned in other threads on this forum so it’s not just me.

It used to be quick and easy to give Ride Ons to riders I follow and there are lots of them. Currently I have to use ‘Zwifting Now’ and then ‘Riders I Follow’. There are two extra screen taps per Ride On and you have to move away from the rider list to give the Ride On. This makes it slow and frustrating.

Please fix!

(David Dewaels IM) #8

Hey, after the update, here is a feedback, the map with worked about 1000 runners, good news. To do with more riders. The printscreen at the end of the seance with the reports were not registered.

(Rick Dalton [WNYBRC] (C)) #10

Why is the new ZC App listing incorrect race results? Zwift is including all the racers that raced out of class. Meaning, you are listing all the racers that went above the specific w/kg limit. So for example, a typical C race allows up to 3.19 w/kg. But you are listing people that went over that and were clearly racing in the wrong category. Are you promoting sandbagging? Why would you even list A, B, C, and D categories of you aren’t going to enforce it in the results. If Zwift can’t program it to lists results correctly then why even show results?

(S ticky [KRT]) #11

That is reason KISS don’t use the Zwift finishing board. It’s often a joke.

(Rick Dalton [WNYBRC] (C)) #12

But why did Zwift incorporate incorrect results in the companion app?? It’s seems completely ridiculous. Why would they not wait until they can list results correctly? I’ve tried to ask them but they won’t even respond.

(Vincent W.) #13

Hey Jason, in the latest update when you go to your Activity feed you will no longer see riders who are Zwifting now, just completed activities. This was a feature. In your dashboard/home screen, under activity, you will see who is Zwifting now.

(Vincent W.) #14

I’ll ask around about this Rick, thank you for the feedback!

(Jason 'The Shepherd' Hurst Team AHDR (C)) #15

Why @Vincent? For the love of god, why? This was an incredibly useful feature. I used to give 10’s of Ride Ons several times a day and now I rarely bother as it’s a pain in the ■■■■. Especially when trying to give Ride Ons while riding and concentrating on other things.

I’ve now had a few people confirm that Zwift deliberately removed this feature, but so far no-one has explained why?

(Rick Dalton [WNYBRC] (C)) #16

What’s the answer? Will they remove it or fix it?