No longer shows “Zwifted with” [April 2023] [SOLVED]

Thank you. You can safely close this case… LoL…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey Shuji. I believe update 1.40 is doing it again. There is no “zwift with” showing.

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Confirming this: 1.39.0 rides do show « Zwifted With »; 1.40.0 rides are not.
Companion running on iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 16.5.

I think I’ve seen something saying this issue regressed and should be re-fixed in 1.41 (end of month).

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Hey all - this issue has been fixed in game version 1.41, which is rolling out over the next couple of days across all OS platforms. Please update when it is available to you.

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Well, sometime after June 8th this became unsolved. Today’s ride No longer shows Zwifted with.

Just checked my activities and since its been repaired I’m always shown as running with others.

Are you on the latest game update?


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Took a look at your server log history. Most times - you’re logging in > doing your ride > logging out on your Win10 machine as expected. When that happens - does the Zwifted With appear for you?

There are a few instances recently when I see Log in > Log in > do your ride > Log out on your PC. What’s happening there on your end? On the server end, there are two concurrent sessions open, and this can lead to a host of weird symptoms, including yours.

Always Save & Exit or Save & Trash your Zwift sessions to prevent unintended double logins. When you do this - does the Zwifted With appear as expected? Please let us know.