Companion app not showing workout details

Since the last update the companion app is not showing workout details, no watts, heart rate, nothing. Nightmare to do workouts now

Can you give us more context?

  1. Does Zwift Companion connect and can you see yourself moving on the Map during a ride?
  2. Are other things in ZC working during a workout, like do you see your followers giving you Ride Ons?
  3. After the workout’s over, are you able to see the missing watts, heart rate, etc on the webpage?

I found you in Zwift Companion because your profile is public, and I can see your stats for the past three sessions. Can you see this view in ZC as well?


I can see the stats after the workout, it’s just the companion app not showing the details of the workout. In the app the map shows me moving. It’s very frustrating because I run Zwift on an iPad mini and use the companion to know what watts I should be doing

I cannot see workout screen at all in companion app. Everything else works in the app, just won’t bring up the workout screen. Yes on same network. Very frustrating