Issue display workout detail

I have an issue in displaying my workout detail after the training in companion app. The average watt I cant see. My follwer can see the detail. During the activity everthing is working.

Any help?

Hi @Dominik

It looks like this is your first Zwift Forums post, so congrats on that. Welcome!

Sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with the activity in your Zwift Companion (ZC) app.

Just for clarification, is this only an issue with the one activity or are you having issues seeing things like “averages watts” on all of your activities?

Also, do you have any screenshots as examples you can share?

I’d like to better understand your issue, so I can offer you the best possible advice. Thanks!

Thanks for reply. I have already a solution. The language german is the problem. The issue is known and I hope it will be fixed after the next update