Comp app: device connections: where is it to find?

No such item anywhere to find in the comp. app. on android.

No way to connect gear via the comp. app in Zwift windows: choice is greyed out.

Zwift app itself is working good in android.

Any suggestions?

Click the cog in top right of pairing screen and it will give you option to pair via Companion App.

edit: also this support guide

Someone flagged your post. I wasn’t sure whether your response was bad attitude, or a language issue.

To be clear you post doesn’t mention the COG option is greyed out. Good luck.

The text short text in the topic does say: “… in Zwift windows: choice is greyed out.” So your answer is not right. Therefor, i am the one to flag.
Further, posting pictures of a screen with menu options is making a fool of me.

Please have mercy on the volunteers trying to help you. They don’t mean to disrespect you, but they have to seek clarity about what you’re experiencing.

Please have mercy with me, abadoning Zwift.

I completely understand. I hope you find something that works for you.