Devices are paired and connected but there is only a grey SKIP button

i still have 2 days left on my free trial.
i only use zwift on an iMac
for the life of me i can’t connect the companion app on my android to zwift on my computer.
i don’t have wifi

so up until just now, zwift was working fine.
now it pairs and connects with the smart trainer through the “controllable” window, and the HR monitor
but there is only a grey SKIP button available

so i click on it, and it pops up a windwo that says:

you will not be able to ride until you’ve paired a blah blah blah blah

i dunno? kinda looks like everythig is paired to me.

well i figurd out the SKIP issue.
for some reason, zwift is now requiring me to connect a “power source” as well as the “controllable”. in the past, all it required was the controllable.
don’t know why that changed

still baffled by the android / compantion issue
i would really like the convenience of being able to control resistance manually through the app.
the keyboard shortcut is everything BUT convenient

Companion app requires your phone be on the same network as your iMac, that means on wifi since I doubt your phone has an ethernet dongle or port.