Combination of direct pairing and companion app

Because of the limit of two bluetooth connections (+ the remote control) on AppleTV, we have to use the companion app if we want to be able to use extra hardware such as zwift click, zwift play controllers, …

This comes with some caveats. Connecting through the companion app isn’t always as stable is we would like. And it drains a lot of battery power which is the biggest issue for me, since empty battery means phone turns off, and everything disconnects.

So my suggestion would be to allow a combination of connecting directly to zwift through AppleTV and through the companion app. For example connect the trainer and/or heart rate sensor and/or cadence sensor directly through AppleTV since those are essentials for a succesful ride. And on top of that connect zwift click, zwift play controllers, … through the companion app since those are not as crucial.