Coffee Stop unavailable [1.59] [Jan 2024]

@shooj bug report right here

To me CB carryover is no different than getting your CB during an afterparty without having to wait another 30 minutes. It causes no harm and in my opinion makes riding more accessable to those that are bladder challenged.

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I have tried to use cb. It starts and works for about a minute then just stops. I don’t get it… anyone else have this problem

So the coffee stop didn’t work on my 3.5 hr ride on Saturday for the 3R Endurance Steady Ride (C) on Four Horsemen. I thought it was just me, but several others said it wasn’t working for them either. (greyed button said "coffee stop not available). Plenty of people were taking coffee stops around us so it wasn’t blocked for the whole group ride. Has this broken again? It was available on my free rides both before and after that ride. But 3.5 hrs without the ability to take a quick bio break was not nice.


are you turning the pedals while on coffee break? that will force it to stop…

right, you have to click it to get the coffee break to come on screen, and then click it again to actually start it. Sounds like that could have been @■■■■_Feather’s issue. I made that mistake once in a rush.