Coffee Stop High Speed (+400km/h) [1.39] [May 2023]

@shooj, @James_Zwift, @DavidP
Hello - i found a Coffee shop anomaly today.

I completed a group ride and decided the test Coffee Shop - it seems to have gotten confused and instead of syncing with my groups pace - it accelerated to 100MPH. Basically i smoked my group. I included screenshots of all the metrics so you can see it was active and the second one is speed showing the Spikes - after the second spike i exited - clearly there was an issue.


lucky you, I still haven’t managed even 100 kph!


I want this to happen for me and get the 100km/h badge! :rofl:

I want it to

Smile go to the top of Radio tower a little push and you hit 100… bad news is this was 100MPH

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Thanks for flagging this up! I’ve relayed it to the team, and we’re looking into it.

Did you ask for a venti? :wink:

Smile - I though nobody was going to catch it …

Hi @shooj

We found that this happens when the two that are linked are both in a coffee stop.


This is great - i remember the same happening we were in a group of 3 and a second person had the CB active - Queston did both riders get the glitch or only the first rider? In further testing i also saw it only glitches till it links to another rider ahead, which is difficult as you shoot passed them at 100MPH

This happened to me as well today. Got the 100kph achievement while on coffee break

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Ha ha not sure if i should congratulate you or hate you. It took me a few times to get it on Radio tower a while back. Congrats

Video caps always help us see what you’re seeing. Clearly, there’s some overcaffeinating happening with Coffee Stop.


And probably the riders as well. :rofl::rofl:

Congats are not in order as i would rather the achievement taken away and let me get properly as it means nothing this one to me. I will see if support can do that so i can get it with my own effort. I’m sort of annoyed about this.

I’ve removed it for you.

Thanks mate

I made 100 km/h during the coffee break and that in Playground in Makuri Islands :slight_smile:
Please don’t ask how exactly I did it. What’s also interesting is that I was cycling at 42 km/h at the moment I reached 100km/h. I’m not sure how I did it.


Hey, this bug still seems to be in the system as the same thing happened to me today. Can you remove this achievement from my badges. I definitely don’t want a badge I didn’t earn.