Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Well it worked last Sunday (7th May) during my group ride and during my run on 3rd May, so it’s inconsistent at best.

I use a Windows 10 PC for cycling and a Windows 10 laptop for running.

The time goal stopped working.

Thanks Tim for the clarification. I assume the late goal is not a normal occurrence. Let’s see what happens next week. :sunglasses:

Using an iPad, I’ve also had the issue with scrolling/selecting cycling jerseys in the garage.
Trying to scroll down to select a jersey and it went back up to the top of the page.

Another bug happened to me today (still with an iPad): before my run I tried to select a custom target of 18Km but as soon as clicked ‘ok’ and was back on the main screen, the target distance -top left corner of the screen- was 29Km (I tried several times to get 18 or 19 but it never worked, always got stuck between 39 and 29.8Km).

Anyone else, had that too?

More wonky visuals on gravel

why the foo can’t I add a link to a video?

Maybe related to this “super bright” issue (dust and lights) I also noticed sometimes the road becomes very bright descending “Sgurr summit north” in Scotland.

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First issue is for me with Mac M1 mini, the cusomized workouts, Working with arrows is frustrating, changing value of watts or time is a knid of sh…it now.
Second what I noticed is wasn`t there said that now all smart bike gears will be displayed? In 1,39 update I can not see this. My kick bike is still waiting for displayed gears on zwift screen.

In general you have over 1 Mio paying users and what you give to us is buggy updates in a row.

I am absolutly not a satisfied zwifter


Zwift program code must be a nightmare.
Started as a hobby project without resources became a huge beast with layers and layers of code put on an unsuitable self developed engine…


Why are there so many name tags on the bottom of the screen?
You can’t even read most of them and they are just cluttering up the screen.

I don’t understand the usefulness of nametags in general.
In the pictures above you can see the nametags in front of me but you can not see to whom and to which avatar they belong.

Why are especially these riders highlighted and others not? I don’t know any of them and in this situation I don’t want to know them, with all respect…


I understand they’ve done some major refactoring in the code and it’s not a surprise that they didn’t catch everything in the testing. Time-wise, they could perhaps have waited a bit longer to reach the low season for the Northern Hemisphere. As long as the major bugs are fixed over the summer, I’m fine (sorry Southern Hemisphere).


I was reminded of this comment this morning as I was repeatedly pushed out to the side of the pack out of any draft while watching someone with steering tuck right into the middle of the group several times.

I find this debate interesting :

  • some people with steering enabled but not actually usable say that it put them at disadvantage since they are constantly put to the side of the road, out of the draft
  • some people without steering say that steering give an edge since you can force your way into the draft
  • some people say that what you see on your screen doesn’t really reflect what happens to your avatar
  • and there’s me, who never felt a difference racing with or without steering on and who never see steering in racing as something else than a tool to put someone out of your draft instead of staying in someone’s draft

Obviously ZHQ could give us the answer and end the debate but they are probably working on the new things they’ll break in the future release.


I actually like it that way. Gives an at-a-glance view of how big the group about to overtake you is since there user list on the right is not useful.

But the number of name tags does not represent the size of the group in front of you.

Look at my screenshots, there are just a few nametags in front of me and a huge number of nametags behind me.
There were much more riders in front of me than behind me in this group, if I remember correctly

People in front of you aren’t “about to overtake you” … plus you can see them already

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Ok. I rephrase.
But the number of name tags does not represent the size of the group, neither in front nor behind you.
And you can not differentiate between the number of riders who are really about to overtake you or the number of riders who just ride peacefully behind you.

With steering I have never been able to do that. You are stuck out at the edge and no matter how much you try to steer nothing will happen if other riders are in your way.

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I think I was able to replicate this problem, so we are onto it.

Also, for the Kickr bike users that might feel at a disadvantage for using steering, the fix for not being able to unpair it is coming out soon.


I have no steering, I was just referring to being pushed out by the normal pack movement. Steering is definitely an advantage in races.

and my android phone is no longer supported, after this update zwift app disappeared on Google Play, i can play games at 60fps but zwift disabled support for my Poco X3 Pro, i can still install it on my old phone that can barely run zwift, great job @zwift, you just lost a customer, it’s rouvy time for me