Didn’t get 100kph badge

Clocked 63.1mph (101.55kph) but didn’t get the badge. Anyone else experienced this and if so, are there any known reasons as to why it wouldn’t have been given?


May I ask where you did this? I’ve only reached 97, I keep running out of gears, cadence goes to 140…

Down from the Radiotower in Watopia. Didn’t have the Aero boost but I believe this helps. Put myself on a TT bike though.

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Another good place is down from the top of the climb in Bologna. Have hit 100 km/h even without a powerup there, though it definitely would have been a lot easier with one!


Got mine also down Bologna during an event in a bunch of about 10 riders. In the draft it was quite easy without a powerup.


I didn’t get mine on the drop down from the Radio Tower, Zwift showed 100kph, but didn’t get the badge… Hacked off as hate cycling up there :joy:

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@A_Beagle_on_a_Bike Any idea why this happened? I wondered if there are any aspects that mean you don’t qualify. A mate got the badge on the same ride and hit a lower top speed than I did - fuming :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No idea, Strava says I didn’t hit 100kph so guessing it was a borderline one…

I’ll give it a go again on Bologna next time I can get on that course.

Tip: you don’t have to wait :slight_smile:
New York disappearing

In France coming down Ventoux and going through the last tunnel was drafting in a group and hit above 100 KPH for a couple seconds. System didn’t recognize the achievement badge either for me. Was pretty bummed.

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@Ales_Grm Bologna doesn’t appear on the meet-up options from what I can see or is there a way around this?

@A_Beagle_on_a_Bike Strava does have me as hitting it so completely baffled!! Ah well, still something there to tick off I guess.

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@Adam_Musson then it won’t work with Bologna. You can however try Ventoux or Innsbruck. In the latter I’ve reached 80+ when I wasn’t aware of the 100+ badge…

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Join an event in Bologna and then either opt to stay in Bologna after the event ends or just quit the event right after the start and do a free ride.

I have just ridden the Chasing Cancellara TT and that was on the Bologna course… I gave it full blast on the decent and activated the aero boost… Hitting 100kph+ (63.4mph according to Strava) and was equally gutted to not achieve the 100kph badge! I even turned round and went back up for a second attempt with no boost but failed to get past 94kph on wrecked legs

I also did not get the badge today. It clearly showed 100 in game and also afterwards in Strava. Pretty annoying. Is there some way to fix this?

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Yeah, do it again.


But is there anything to do differently? Do I NEED to use a powerup which I did not today?
Did take a TT bike - is that ok?

I’ve noticed that sometimes the sprint and kom times that show up as you complete one are sometimes different from what goes in the table. Not sure if the speedo is likewise not accurate.

I managed to get the badge coming down from the radio tower. From memory as the descent starts and you can see the loop at the top rejoin the road down I started going all out and hit the aero helmet boost when I hit about 85kph and then just put in as much power as I could.

No, nothing else necessary. If you want to be on the safe side you can try doing 101 at least… but it’s still not 100% guaranteed. Zwift has its own mind.