Coffee break and the Cone of Shame

On the Sunday 3R 100km Steady Ride C group, the entire group decides to take a Coffee Break simultaneously at the 2hr mark when crossing the beach banner on Watopia Waistband route.

The break itself worked as intended, however as quite a number of users started pedaling towards the end of the break we were sent flying at warp speed several minutes/kilometers ahead of the pack, and we’re all flagged by the game as overpower.

With the Cone of Shame (! In a triangle) no current w/kg are shown in the rider list, and when the peloton finally caught up to us, we were unable to draft. For myself 5.0w/kg was unable to hold the group I was averaging 2.4w/kg in before the incident.

What the heck happened Zwift??

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Thank you for contributing your experience @Matthew_Campbell_Uni

After turning on the coffee break I left for a minute or two. When I came back 20-30 of us were spinning our legs at 120-200 km/hour.

Yes it looked crazy.

We shot through a segment and then we got the ‘Red Triangle warning.

I stopped and waited for the rest of the group.

When the group came by I had to ride at 4-4.5 w/kg to stay with the group. Before this I was sitting in nicely at 2-2.5 w/kg. I could only hang with the group for 2 minutes and then they pulled away. They were going 38-40 km/hour.

I couldn’t get a draft.

I exited the event and started a new ride. I still had the red triangle and couldn’t get a draft.

I then restarted Zwift, joined a new ride and I could draft again.

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Teammate got a video recording of it happening; it looked like yall hopped onto a rocketship and took off down tempus LOL

To be fair Rosco this bug has existed since the release of CoffeeBreak. I think it’s subsided a fractional amount since the initial release; but it still seems that coffee break doesn’t know what to do when all other nearest riders are also on CB.

It falls into what I can only assume is a mathematical loop and tries to stick you to the nearest person, who tries to stick to another person up the way, and another, and another. And so the general speed increases because it keeps trying to drag you onto other riders nearby, who are also increasing in pace.

I saw quite a lot of folks got the 100kph badge today during that ride :wink:


Thank you so much @Andrew_Nuse for the explanation or at least reasonable hypothesis behind it, and that this is a long-standing issue. It goes beyond annoying to actually “breaking” the group ride and individual rider experience. Hopefully they do something about this! :pray:t2:


At least some folks were getting an achievement badge and XP out of this cluster…

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Recently heard from another Zwifter of a similar experience on a late join during the pedal assist portion. I am wondering if Coffee Break uses similar functionality to the late join pedal assist, and that portion of code is where the bug is??

Same here; 2 of us riding together, no one else close. I went to a coffee break, so did my riding buddy. After a few glitches, we started accelerating, zipping past other folk and my mate got the 100kph badge. At 135kph I “cancelled” my coffee break and we slowed down to normal rates.

I’d say it’s a “bounding” issue, coffee break is not recognising the person or persons they are synching with are also in a coffee break and they keep trying to make same speed against each other with one starting slightly faster than the other.

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