Coffee Stop High Speed (+400km/h) [1.39] [May 2023]

Thanks, I’ve given this a little chaser.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.


Boys will be boys.


that was beautiful. How many miles did you get credit with?

Was riding with a friend and we wanted to see what would happen if we took a coffee break together. We topped out at over 430KPH and were flagged for going too fast. Proof below.

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This has happened to me with Bernie this on a coffee break. I come back from coffee break, going downhill and lost my multiplier. Bernie has been picky on this route. @James_Zwift

Anyone else get flagged for excessive speed while on coffee break? I was off the bike and when I looked at my screen the speed kept going up, well over 300kph! And no I was not with the Max Verstappen pacer!

Oh man I thought this bug was fixed?

Back when CoffeeBreak was introduced it seemed to happen quite often if two breakers ever got tied to each other.

Most hilarious thing I’ve ever witnessed on Zwift.

Some folks said it would happen if you continued to pedal while on break; but I’ve tested that and it’s never done it for me.

Anyways; congratulations on the land-speed record… enjoy all your Strava haters!

Guess it’s time to keep an eye out for it if it’s indeed still happening…

People are taking advantage using the bug- I was on a group ride they coordinated it.
The leads were hitting 700 kph and sub 4 second speed records it was a joke.

I had a similar issue today although I don’t know if it is the exact same. I didn’t just continuously go high speed but was slingshotted to the next group ahead of me twice while on the coffee stop, each group being 10-15 seconds ahead of me. I would stay with that group for a bit then get slingshotted again.

I haven’t seen the burrito in a while… is that gone? Maybe we need a framepump powerup that you can select whose wheel to shove it into?

Its still an issue. Whilst cycling Stage 2 Tour of Watopia Eastern Eight, i hit the coffee stop button whilst heading along Fuego Flats Reverse. All seemed to go ok when I realised the other rider I was with also had a coffee stop. I think I maxxed out at around 300km/h before I disconnected from the coffee stop. Great to get the 100kph badge but feel a bit of a fraud.

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Happened to me and a mate the other day too. Like others I disconnected at 130km; I already had the 100kph+ badge anyway, but mate does now too :slight_smile: