Coasting on Zwift

Currently in the BMTR Flat (100) event and coasting is nearly impossible. It’s like zwift has turned off the rider inertia or turned on auto breaking as soon as you stop pedaling to quickly stretch a calf or something like that. Did something change to make it even more unrealistic, did I find a bug, or can someone explain what’s going on?

What course is/was this on? Was it on normal tarmac as opposed to dirt?

The short, flat, neon city.

Yeah, I think I noticed the same that auto-braking is faster than before when you stop pedaling. The only answer I’ve come across is that this exists for gamification - enabling equipment (bike) swaps quicker so you can go to your garage and switch sooner. Seems strange when otherwise there’s been a striving for natural IRL game physics to emulate reality.


Where did you find this?

A fellow rider slid into my DM’s.

I haven’t noticed any changing in the slowing-down behaviour. Sounds like a very weird and unlucky glitch.

Perhaps they’re testing simulation of random brake pad rubbing.


stranger danger

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It’s a real thing with road disc brakes. I think you’re on to something here.


With Pack Dynamics 3,0 the auto brake on 0W is much quicker…the only way you can coast is on a downhill.
The reason is that they removed Sticky Draft an the rider slows down faster with 0W on a flat.

It’s cool, I guess if your doing a 10 laps gamified event around downtown dolphin but these terrible game physics are dreadful for multi hour events. Thankfully this ride is a sub threshold 100 milers but you stop to stretch for 1-2 seconds and you’re already a few seconds in the rears of the group that you were with. There is absolutely no reason that the rider has to decelerate so quickly. A bit of a funny example but in the same event today I had to pee, so I peed off the bike into an extra “urine bottle” that I have set up for these long rides, anyway, I went from 8-9 seconds off the front to about 29-30 seconds off the back in about the 25 seconds that I didn’t pedal. The rate of deceleration was actually like I squeezed the brakes IRL. It was a good chase to get back on, two mates even came back and helped once it was clear I was coming back.

Increasing the ability to coast for a few seconds without a negative braking penalty is much needed to increase the realism of Zwift. I agree, if I need to stop for a few seconds to adjust the bib or stretch you instantly are getting sent to the back.

If they did this so that you could change bikes quicker, and that was so important to Zwift, then why can’t we choose a bike before starting the ride…. Seems ridiculous.


I read what you are saying and I’m half triggered, half impressed, half curious. Yes, I’m doing Zwift math. We turn on auto-braking for all when it is not only not needed for 99% for rides but it’s probably more harmful to said rides. Seems like the proper way would have been to make an auto braking hot key so that the user could modulate the braking system? (Watch out, here come the ATV and non companion app users.)


WE WANT REALISM! :crazy_face:

I’m a big unit, 6ft 3in and 93kgs, so i get punished on the climbs and rightly so.

If I push out steady power on the flat, I will along nicely and so it should be.

Descending? I plummet like an aerodynamic brick built outhouse… just like in real life.

When I get whipped by another avatar in a TT and that avatar only weighs ‘50kgs’ and has 400watts then I think fair enough, I can’t argue with the physics and that would happen in real life.

I didn’t buy a Neo2 because it looked nice.
I bought it for the realism.

We should be able to coast in Zwift just like we can coast in real life.

Want to do a bike swap?
Pick your time to change carefully…just like you would in real life.

The 3 Rs

And Realism.


This has nothing to do with bike changing. (Nothing that I found would suggest this)

I would agree it will be nice to have a bit more coasting. I feel like we had a bit more coasting in the past.

I suspect that if coasting was made significantly easier, then it would become significantly easier to cheat via micro bursts (which could have much longer coasting intervals), whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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I cannot comprehend how you got off your trainer, peed and remounted in 25s!

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Processing: image.jpg… I’ll give you a hint, don’t get off the bike and save empty “single use” bottles.:sweat_smile:

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This level of Zwiftness deserves recognition by all!