Unrealistic speed when stopping pedaling

Hi there,
came back from holidays to see that my avatar takes ages to stop when I stop pedaling. Kept going even uphill. Experienced it on warm up and after ZRL on Temples and Towers with a Tron but other user experienced it on other courses and other bikes.

What is your setup? Which trainer?

Tacx Flux S and Apple TV

Are Watts on the HUD showing zero when this is happening?

Yes, 0 watts

interesting i saw this last night on temples and towers last night with a rider going into the bike swap seem to take and age to stop nearly hit the kom start despite zero power well before the gravel where riders usually stop. Zwift hub

Similarly, I’ve noted recently (since v1.49.0) my avatar takes much longer to coast to a stop.

Trainer is a Tacx NEO2T which is known to respond to Wattage changes quickly. Ergo, I don’t think it’s a trainer issue.

agree the ride above the stream is harder to see as he is already in the menu screen but i was fanviewing him live and just staring at zero power and confused why he was not slowing at all.

Defeintely seems like something is wrong. I do wonder if they same effects also impacts pack dynamics if riders are coasting and gaining free speed as it does seem rather easy to coast in groups at times.

@DavidP any ideas?

Oh I do have an idea yes :slight_smile:

So the infamous auto braking that would kick in automatically when you coasted at below 27km/h was changed to 15km/h after the request of some a few months ago. Some wondered or even ridiculed the fact that there was an auto brake when you stopped pedaling at a lower speed. This is what a 12km/h change in that limit does.
Looks like not even this is a consensual change.


There seems to be an increase in sticky watts \ unrealistic speed issues due to pedalling style since the update as well - Would this potentially also impact that?

This is just a change to the speed limit below which a slight auto braking kicks in to prevent coasting for so long. I don’t see any correlation with stick watts or unrealistic speeds.


Fair enough - that was kind of my logic, if people can coast longer without auto break kicking in, does that play into those small issues or even amplify them?

Good to know. I did not know there was a change and was concerned something was off.


I’m sorry, but I can’t tell if there is a solution. I have had to use the Companion app to turn my avatar around to get the damn thing to stop.


There is no “solution.”

This is just how it is now.
Either end the ride, or go into sensor pairing to come to a stop.

The minimum brake speed was basically halved a few updates ago now.

yes, I am not switching bikes anymore as the avatar goes on and on and on…

In the spirit of aiming for realism, it’s good the auto-braking was turned off. Also good for Zwift… might lead to a few more sales of the Play controllers which have brakes. :slight_smile:

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For those wondering, entering the Pairing Screen doesn’t unpair your trainer from the app, so there’s no extra delay or problem with going that route. Hit the Menu, open the Pairing screen, and you stop (maybe a little more slowly than before though, I’ve noticed).

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For ZRL braking is turned off :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Mind blowing we have a piece of software that it costs $100 just to be able to use a virtual brake…