Auto Braking on straights

Today during the Zwift racing crit club event I moved up into a position just behind the leader as we hit the sprint banner with 1.4k to go. I eased up slightly so as not to go into the wind, and suddenly my numbers went red and I dropped from 3rd to 41st.

I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, I very much doubt whether I would have finished in the top 3 anyway, but it seems a bit bizarre that I was slowed on a straight, and clearly most other people weren’t, as otherwise I wouldn’t have dropped so many positions. I get auto braking for realism in a tight bend, but not on a straight section of road.

If I hadn’t eased up on the pedals, would this not have happened? Have any other riders had similar issues, or is it just me?

The braking was the PD4 brake, if your draft benefit drops at the same time as you ease up on power you’ll be braked. Feature, not a bug.