Auto Braking - Not implemented yet


This was on another thread 6 weeks ago. I am wondering whether there is any feedback as to whether this has noticeably made a difference ?

What gradient of hill?
In Racing or just free riding?

It is being touched on in Pack Dynamics but I thought it warranted it’s own thread?

That’s a different type ot auto-braking that the new FAQ refers to, for descents with tight bends.

The auto-braking being mentioned in the PD threads is a long-standing feature for what happens on the flat when you stop pedalling (or even on gentle descents).

I don’t think auto-braking has actually been launched yet. The FAQ that you’ve shown above I believe was for the features that are going to be coming out at some time this season (such as new roads in Makuri) but not all of them have gone live yet. Hopefully zoon…

Thanks, that is the answer. This information was tied up amongst things which had been implemented and confused me, easily done :smile:

Does ZHQ have an ETA for the implementation of this yet?