Climb Portal results not appearing or registering as finished [August 2023]

I’ve done the climb portal twice now(Crow Rd). It’s given me a finish time and shows correctly on Strava after upload, but the achievement badge in Zwift still shows that I haven’t completed the route? How can I remedy this so that I get the credit for completing this route? I have a goal of completing each Zwift route and I’m getting fairly close to finishing this now, but I need this fixed in order to do so. Thanks

There is no route badge for the Climb Portal routes. There is a badge for completing 1, 10 and 25.

I assume when you look at the in game routes for Watopia you are hoping to see Crow Road marked off as done - that doesn’t happen.

May 2024 now and still having this problem. I just finished my 10th last night - even came back down, though I read it’s not necessary - and still don’t have the achievement this morning (in case the servers need time aggregating data or whatever).

I see several people saying, “email support”. How? I keep getting directed to that generally useless chat bot and can’t seem to get through to a human. It keeps directing me back to the Contact Us page which only provides access, once again, to the chat bot.

Just keep telling it “no this didnt help” and you should get to an email prompt after a few times.

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Hi @heaths Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. I checked on our support portal and it seems like you were able to get in touch with us! I’m very happy about that.

In case you missed our last email, the last resolution was that we were able to verify the activity completion and we credited your badge, just log out and back in to see it in your profile. Congratulations!

Ride On.

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Hi folks, we’re planning to have an improvement in an upcoming game release to make sure that results are displayed as appropriate when completing Climb Portal routes.

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Maybe a little late to the party, but… I did a climb portal ride 2 months ago (2024-05-09) " Climb Portal: Cote de Pike at 100% Elevation in Watopia" that also did not properly register as completed.

  • I’m using AppleTV
  • I selected the climb portal from the home screen
  • The climb portal completion screen came up when/as expected
  • I however did not get the “Portal Climber” badge

Hi @Glenn_Van_Loon, thank you for posting. I’m Gian from Zwift.

I’m sorry that you didn’t receive the badge back then. Thank you for sharing details about your setup.

I can see that you completed Cote de Pike, so I have granted the badge. You’ll see the badge in your account once you close and open the app again. If you complete more Climb Portals and do not get the badges for 10 and 25 climbs automatically, please reach out to us.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Ride On.

Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on the number of climb portals I do and the other achievements.