Click stuck after game version update [March 2024] [1.60]

Updated to 1.6, click on Hub 1 now phantom shifts through gear when pressing (-) once. When it finally stops, click is stuck in whichever gear it has decided to stop on, shifting up or down is disabled for a random amount of time. The is a new issue, the operation of the click has worked normally, that is, until the update to 1.6.

Logged off, rebooted computer, symptoms remain. No changes have been made to the setup, and click is connected via Bluetooth.

Hub and click firmware are up to date

Has anyone else running Hub 1 with the click shifter experiencing the same issue?

Hi @David_Ruser, I see you’ve already reached out to Zwift Support via email and mentioned that you were able to use your Zwift Click this morning. That’s great!

I want to show my appreciation for the time invested in getting this resolved. In case the scenario persists, do not hesitate to let us know.

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I have the same issue here. It happens randomly about all 20mins. When i click one time to shift down, it shifts down about 5 gears and get stuck for a few seconds. Then it shows a connection problem on the Zwift screen (top left) and a few seconds later it works again. It happens only when i shift down.
It is very anoying especialy during a race!

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S24+ running Zwift via Dex (with an USB-C HDMI Adapter) and the Compagnion App on the Phone-Screen.

What can i do to solve that issue?

I did 3 things, unfortunately all at once, so I don’t know what the one thing was that resolved the issue. I removed and reinstalled the battery in Click, I unplugged and then plugged in my Ant+ dongle, and disabled and then enabled Bluetooth on my computer. I had, from a previous issue with Click, realized that when I’m done riding for the day that I needed to unplug my Hub 1. I found that if I didn’t, Click would be recognized during paring, but would not work at all for the ride. Unplugging the Hub made the issue go away, so that’s my routine now. There’s something in my setup that’s allowing some sort of cross talk or interruption between Bluetooth, Ant+, and possibly WiFi. Hopefully this helps.