Click not updating

Two weeks ago I attempted a Firmware update for my Click.
So far 12 attempts but the process never finishes just constant “installing”.
I have lost all gears so effectively riding a single speed.
Was planning to purchase a replacement to get myself back to training but none available in ‘shop’.
Have had the hub one/click for 6 weeks.

Contact support. Your Click shifter is still under warranty.

You also have the option of removing the single cog from the freehub and replacing it with a cassette (assuming you have a bike compatible with a Shimano 7-12 speed cassette).

Hi Paul

Thanks for info.

I have tried to contact support but can only interact with ‘bots’.
A phone number is impossible to find.
Up until now ‘Openreach’ have been the most difficult to ‘access’ but Zwift could certainly teach them a thing or two.
Will have to try the auto email once again.
Why did I click on the update button - everything was working fine until then!

You can beat the robot at its game. Just keep going until it gives up. Make sure it blinks first.