[China] No other riders in world [September 2023, January 2024]

Im in Nanjing, China and this is the 7th year Ive been using Zwift. I am having similar issues as most other Zwift users in China - it is widespread, at least in this country. We are all in the dark as to the exact reason for our connection problems but it seems more than coincidental that it began at the time or soon after the latest update. Rebooting our routers, for the most part, isnt resolving the situation. Looking forward to Zwift finding a solution asap.

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This is a common problem across China right now. Every person I know has the same issue. Some people can get success using Astril VPN. If you own an IPhone and have another VPN that can put a different IP address out, that otherwise works, then you can get Astrill from an App Store outside of China that matches your IP address.

I have been told by Chinese people that this has directly happened as a co sequence of tighter network restrictions and that by next year all foreign app will not work, unless they are submitted directly to the State.

However, I would like to have a hope that Zwift could code a way around this somehow.

For every 1000 customers lost in China, it is more than $180,000 lost to the company. If people can’t use the platform, they will of course not renew.

This is truly sad. Zwift is an app that is symbolic of freedom and equality. The conditions are the same, no matter where you come from and the use of it is to spread happiness and improve health.

I Sincerely hope you can figure out a way to skirt this problem. I had a friend using the Astril work around yesterday and it failed in a ZRL race for him. He smashed it still though.

You cannot fathom how frustrating it is spending so much time trying to find ways just to ride a bike indoors. I wish Zwift all the best trying to find a solution.

Thank you.

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I earnestly believed it may just be that my connection have a problem in China, but after days of Zwifting it was becoming hard to ignore I’m the only one in the courses I ride through! Hard resets didn’t work. Referred to some friends who are also Zwifting in China and indeed they are in the same boat as me. Please fix!

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Hi all,
I am having exactly the same problem as described by @Kyle further up.
I used Zwift without issues for almost 3 years in China (without VPN).
Since 2-3 weeks, it is useless.
Actually, rebooting router didn’t help.
Still the same issue - PaceMakers, Group Rides, Races, all doesnt make sense any more.
Please do something about it (besides refunding the Money to the China users)

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Why is this topic marked as ‘solved’? It’s not solved.

My support ticket is still open, so maybe something will be resolved. I’m only in Zwift to race, so if it doesn’t happen soon then I’ll suspend my membership because the product isn’t meeting my needs.

Hello all,

I wanted to share an update from HQ that this issue should now be resolved. Thank you everyone for bringing this to our attention. We were able to find the root cause for why this was affecting a number of Zwifters in China and have taken measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

If you’re still experiencing an empty world, this may be due to your network setup. Feel free to reach out directly to Support and we can troubleshoot your individual setup.


Thank you for fixing this for us, legends!


I never had issue with connecting to Zwift server but it all started this week with recent update. Now it is getting easy disconnected ( other riders lost) . I guess something happen in the last upgrade which is killing


Hey Rowdy. Thanks a million for solving this back in Sept. But bad news - the issue is back. There seem to have been a couple updates over the past week or so that have triggered it. I am speaking on behalf of probably 10 or so others, just in Shanghai, who have reported the same in group chats and on Strava. Would it be helpful to get them to all pile on in this thread? Can we dig out the last technical solution and see if it might be applicable to the problem this time around? Thanks.

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Same issue as Kyle describes.
Super annoying if you torture yourself out of bed early mornings to join some group rides and end up being alone,….
Can you please urgently fix it and of course , reimburse the money for the not using the platform properly (I’d prefer using it properly)….

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+1 , confirm i have same problem for me in Shanghai, no people in the Map, not able to join race évent with people, no pacer found in the Map… Need help to correct it asap. Thanks

+1 I confirm same issues again back from September unfortunately;(

We all would be happy if this issue is solved quickly, as the air Pollution is really bad since weeks, we can only rely on zwift. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately it is happening again for Zwifters in China.
It would be useful if this issue could be fixed on a permanent basis rather than resurfacing with future updates.
What is the process for requesting reimbursement equivalent to the time we are unable to use the platform?

TBH - I believe this is not a Zwift issue.

Hi, I believe I can help with some information. I’ll itemize it to be clearer:

  1. This issue occurred in September and I was reliably informed that it was a Zwift server issue. As soon as the server was updated, the problem disappeared.

  2. I can’t do this myself, but there is a Chinese app called UU. It is a game accelerator. I have a Chinese friend using this and it remedies the issue.

  3. This is a common problem across China. Many are suffering from it.

As an aside, I personally have been training less partly because of this problem. I also have ZRL approaching and you cannot enter races as of now.

It would be very helpful if a timeline could be given for the problem to be fixed. People understand that things go wrong. We love using Zwift and it would be professional should you update about the what, when and how this issue will be solved.

Thank you.

Milan we are assuming it is a Zwift issue considering the number of subscribers affected in China at this time and that it is exactly the same problem we experienced last September- caused by obstacles with Zwift servers.

Yes, I understand - but the question is on which side the obstacles are. Something like this never happened in another country!?!

+1 . Have tried multiple locations in Shanghai the past week; on desktop, on mobile. With and without vpn. Same solo riding issue

Strangely was around 400km away at the weekend and issue was not apparent.

Back in Shanghai now and still unable to join any TdZ rides. Have also logged a ticket.


I went from working well to the issues described directly after being pushed the 1.56 update.

This “no other riders in world” in Zwift China happened again from Jan 09.
It worked very well in Jan 08 when I joined TDZ stage 2; but in Jan 09 when I joined TDZ stage 2 again, other riders disappeared and appeared many times; and it was completely wrong— could not located any other riders in Jan 10 and till now.
Nothing changed on my network/Apple TV/ windows pc/ mac book /ipad/ iphone.
And it has some issue with VPN and without VPN. But one month ago, Using VPN made zwift works well.
Time line:
Sep/Oct: Zwift had problem in China— no other riders
Oct/Nov: problem soved
Nov/Dec: problem again but VPN could fix it.
End of Dec- Jan 08: all ok even without VPN
From Jan 09: completely single rider game, VPN could not solve it.

Hope to fix this issue quickly again!