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I’m fairly new to Zwift and racing on it, and wonder if there’s anywhere people discuss a race AFTER it ends? During the race, and before everyone exists after the finish line, there’s obviously the in-game comments (which in my experience usually just contain people calling out blatant sandbaggers). Is there anywhere else I’m unaware of? Wondered if there was some part of ZP among the results (or whether it’s a good idea to make one?).

I’m keen to improve my racing on Zwift, though so far even though I’m supposed to enter in A grade I regularly get dropped and end up riding with B - despite pushing 5.5w/kg and they are doing 3.5 (I assume they’d all get UPG’d in ZP, but no, so how they doing that? Be interesting to chat/get tips after races anyway).

Used to be able to use the Comments section available in each ZP event but when Zwift took it over, they shut down the forums/comments and asked people to use these forums. Which never really happened. Some of the organisers have FB pages where these types of discussions also take place.

Feel free to post any questions here though … loads of people post “whats going on here” type questions and loads of people that lurk here are only too happy help. And ZP isnt highly intuitive to be fair.

If you have an example event (the example you mentioned where some are doing 3.5 and you are doing 5.5), can you post the Zwiftpower event ID (the last 7 digits in the url). And and specific questions you may have.

As Dean says, there’s nothing in-game.

As well as Facebook groups, there are various Discord communities where post-race chat happens; but those tend to be team-specific. (e.g. I’m in Discords for the DIRT and Backpedal communities)

It’s a subject that has come up before (e.g. Post Race Parking Lot Chat), and there have been feature requests in the past (e.g. Post Race Warm-down from 2017)

About a year ago, @xflintx posted a post-race discussion template to the ZwiftPower Community - Zwift Forums section:

It hasn’t got a lot of traction (Search results for 'post-race #racing:zwiftpower-community' - Zwift Forums) but maybe there are ways it could be promoted more (e.g. a link to the forum on the Zwift Community event results page)

In fact, I just noticed @shooj posted about just that in the thread.

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Did Eric Min not mention this as one of his wishlist items, like the cafe stop after the ride? It would be good I think.

You should split this into two different topics. That will help the racing guys to look at your data to help you understand. I can move some of you posts if you start a new topic.

Thanks Gerrie. I’ll create a new topic titled ‘Help with understanding w/kg in race’.

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