Post Race Parking Lot Chat

How about a post race parking lot where all racers will go after their event. It would be event specific. So all the people I just raced with would be up for a coffee and a chat.

Zwift’s idea of a chat room/forum for each race/event sounds like a failure from the start. Nobody wants to do that post race. But, if I can chat while doing a little cool down ride and say, “Hey, Great sprint”


I agree, it will be nice to be able to chat while cooling down.

But I can’t imagine how that will work, will Zwift just keep us on the same route and only riders from our event visible and we can chat like a normal group ride.

How about each race earns you a digital cup of coffee? Seriously, I don’t know. I just think any post race needs to still be in the Zwift world. I would post on Strava before I would care to go to a forum…just too boring mostly. But, it would be fun to hang out and wear the green jersey or some other badge of honor like most aggressive rider jersey. Podium for each category? I’m just playing with ideas.

Sure it need to be in the zwift world. I like to ride a bit after the race and it would be nice to chat to the guys that was with you during the race. But once I get off I want to shower and get to work.

Maybe a view pop up (like Picture in picture) showing the top 3 getting on the podium in the kit they were wearing in game. Or a replay of you crossing the line. And a chat box like before the event while in the pens. All of this while riding.

I’d love the opportunity to chat after a race. It’s kind of a shame to go through an effort like that and not have anyone to talk to about it. Not to mention it might give you a chance to get to know some of your fellow race minded riders.


Exactly. It should be part of the racing experience. I can see it helping new racers to keep coming rather than give up with a “I always get dropped” attitude. Maybe veteran racers should have levels (100+ racers or something) that will identify their experience level.

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Perhaps the end of event options should become “Stay Here”; “Return to XXXX”; and “Go to Pub for a Post-Race Beer and Chat”.

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post race velodrome?