Virtual coffe shops and bars/pubs in Zwift

Who wants a virtual bar/pub or coffee shop at the top of climbs in Zwift or maybe lakeside, Ocean front? Ride for points to buy drinks and hang with your zwift friends while watching others suffer on rides :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl::100::tada::biking_woman:t3: Please make this happen Zwift!

The forum is the coffee shop. Zwift Riders Facebook group is the pub. Unfortunate lack of cakes though.


An after ride/race chat room in a virtual space would be nice. Preferably in the Zwift world. I guess Discord could be used for the chat part, but the disconnect with Zwift makes it hard to adopt. Similar requests has been raised several times before, so there must be a demand for something like this.

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Look at how ZwiftInsider is handling it with the tiny race series. After the races there is a β€œchat and chill” group ride so anyone interested can join and cool down while they talk about the races.