Cafe as a social place where to meet riders

Hi Guys,

I know other Zwifters have already asked for the implementation of a cafe as a place where to meet other riders, have a chat or follow from a maxi screen who is riding. After all the habit to hang out at a cafe especially after a ride is very popular among cyclists so why not making it “the place” for riders to socialise in Zwift (I’m thinking at a sort of chat room where you can share thoughts about a ride just finished, make it easy to follow another rider and potentially arrange group rides on a notice-board).

I think it would be smart to implement these options so you gradually become less and less dependent from Facebook while at the same time boosting the Swift community within the Swift platform, it makes a ton of sense to me.

I would love to have one in game that you basically ride up to and park.

I agree with a cafe concept as a place to meet up with riders.  it is hard to find another rider once you are in the system - unless I don’t know of a trick.  The mobile app refreshes too quickly so you miss people when scrolling and the text box at the top doesn’t help.  2 cafes near SF and halfway would be great.  something with a short name so it is easy to text when riding!  These could be places where you ‘reset’ to if you want to meet up with other riders.

I proposed a lobby feature. When you start up Zwift you would have the option to enter the lobby where you chat, meet up with other riders, etc. 

I like this.

Also combined with a rest area 

and, a warm up area. 

To get this noticed it needs to be voted on.